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  • Steve Nguyen, PhD

Workplace Psychology's Email Campaign and Bounced Emails

Hi Workplace Psychology Blog "Subscribers,"

Despite my best efforts to send email notices to all "subscribers" of the Workplace Psychology Blog, there continues to be challenges related to what's known as "bounced email."

An email is "bounced" when that email is returned to sender (in this case to me) because it could not be delivered for some reason. There are various reasons why this might have occurred.

  1. Your email mailbox was full.

  2. Your email server was down.

  3. You were out or on vacation and had set up an auto reply.

  4. You work for an organization with strict email filtering. For example, some companies, government institutions, and schools have strict spam filter settings.

  5. I have no idea why (I added this last one).

As a result, there are now two dozen "subscribers" to the Workplace Psychology Blog who will continue to not receive email notifications whenever I post a new blog entry.

A great way to find out if this applies to you (if you're a "subscriber" to the Workplace Psychology Blog) is to check your email. For example, I posted the blog entry "Book Review: Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology (8th ed.) by Riggio & Johnson" and sent out an email notification/campaign to all "subscribers" to the Workplace Psychology Blog on October 14, 2022.

If you are a "subscriber" but did NOT receive an email notification from me on October 14, 2022 [Central Time; USA] and you already checked your spam folder, then that means, unfortunately, your email has "bounced."

After your email address is placed in the "bounced" bucket, I cannot undo this. It happens automatically on the Wix administrative end. Furthermore, Workplace Psychology Blog email campaigns can't be sent to an email address once that email has been identified as "bounced." Again, there's no way for me to fix or "undo" this.

You might wonder why I didn't simply email the "subscribers" whose emails were identified as "bounced" to let them know. For the reasons listed above, even if I were to email these individuals directly, there's still a chance that my email would end up being identified as "spam" or returned to me as "bounced."

The crazy part is that if you would like to continue to be a "subscriber," you might need to try a different email (other than the one you used to previously sign up/subscribe). However, even then, because I honestly don't know why, there's still a chance that your new/different email may end up bouncing as well (due to the above 5 reasons).

I'm really sorry for this inconvenience.

If you use an RSS Feed Reader, here's the RSS feed for Workplace Psychology Blog.

Exasperated over crazy "bounced" emails,

Steve Nguyen, Ph.D.

Organizational & Leadership Development Leader



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